CIROS Announces Common Incident Responder Operating System - A Force Multiplier Law Enforcement Vehicle Interface

The Erebus interface for Ford law enforcement vehicles, CIROS is under development with a prototype expected in late 2024. CIROS design and functionality is a disruptive innovation - it links the vehicle to its driver and mission, enabling the vehicle to participate and support its driver from inside the vehicle or on any mobile unit that drivers are wearing or using.

CIROS is a sub-system of EREBUS; each mission is loaded straight into the vehicle at the same moment its loaded and communicated to its driver. At installation., CIROS is partnered to its driver, set up and configured to assign each vehicle to ts department, driver and mission types. When an ops commander dispatches a car or team, the mission, mapping and guidance is loaded to the vehicle before the driver enters the vehicle. CIROS is linked to EREBUS, the military-grade C4iSR system from Erebus Dynamics.


•    All preparation data for an op is loaded into the vehicle at the same time it’s communicated to officers;

•    Military strategies and tactics + exclusive EREBUS additions and intel;

•    Create ArcGIS image layers to ID actors. LEO, wearing a radio or other gear can be painted green; unknowns painted yellow and aggressors painted red. This aids officers in tactics. Active video gear can cover an entire op, front and back.

•    Multiple sensors can ID muzzle blasts, other data such as sounds, radar, drone sensors.

•    Drone containers on the vehicle roof can spring launch and retrieve small drones, launched and controlled inside the car. This reduces dangerous pursuit through bust city streets and supports BOLOs, that now will be able to include video of a vehicle - drones can act as LPR camera.

•    Power can be monitored, and the engine started automatically to recharge batteries at a set battery warning.


CIROS ARCHITECTURE & INTEGRATION: Additions to the robust FORD Police Package include:  


THREAT DETECTION:   Awareness of area threats to protect officers and property/assets


FUTURE VERSIONS AND TOOLS:  A new era of vehicle innovations are in design state for continuous integration.  Improvements are added to the integrated platform as plug-ins using a constant new release strategy.  

A​n Interagency Command & Control System for State Government Interoperability for State Guard, Law Enforcement, Emergency Coordinators, Gov't Agencies

Erebus,  a communications command & control application/platform is being deployed for state governments law enforcement , sheriffs, State Guard units, emergency agencies and other public service agencies. Erebus is a SAS application (software-as-a-service), does not require hardware and is served from secured cloud servers built to mirror military battlefield capabilities.

Many states have attempted in the past to create a unified command for all law enforcement and military in the state and/or to attempt interoperable comms among states, county and local law enforcement. Some have established dedicated task forces to allow joint operations or a shared command staff. But when groups split out to state, metropolitan areas, cities, counties and villages – often these lack the authority to connect to some state systems, or their budgets don’t allow newer radios, or the latest upgrades, or different cities use different radios, or they’re not authorized to use government communication methods because they're not actually paid employees.

Arguably, the most important advantage the Erebus application (app) provides in all cases is interoperability – every agency in every city can easily share information or operate jointly, linking their Erebus accounts to use all those wonderful command & control technologies that already exist for state and federal law enforcement and the  military.

Since there's no other technology available In the government for full-on inter-agency cooperation except GCCS (Global Command & Control System), that probably would contribute to the downfall of the Joint Inter-agency Task Force because there wasn't the technology to provide infrastructure. The Erebus app can provide a non-federalized, state controlled system that would allow for adjoining states to cooperate with each other in a crisis and share information that Uncle Sam has no control over.

More than any other operation, State Guards everywhere are called to help in time of disaster, floods, storms, civil unrest. For this reason, the goal of interoperability with other agencies and the need to cooperate in mutual aid are most important in all areas of operations. All affected agencies and assistance providers, all cross-borders (counties, states regions) and the need for mutual aid will benefit from the military-grade command & control app Erebus, from Erebus Corporation in Tennessee.

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