Air Capabilities

Drones are an area of great interest in America and across the world. Particularly around our southern border, drones have been used to gather intel, scout for actions of troops on the ground and to conduct actual warfare. The Chief Scientist at Erebus has deep experience with drones, working at the 101st Airborne JDOC in Afghan in both drone intel assignments and interdiction. And yes, Erebus is developing a drone interdiction platform, designing to conduct drone operations and destroy enemy drones.

The challenge today, and the value going forward is to collaborate in real time and share data from drones - and that is the mission of Erebus. We're partnering with Customs & Border Patrol, Dept of Homeland Security and local Law Enforcement to assist in support of drones launched and to step forward to deliver interdiction as needed by military as well as law enforcement, everywhere in the United States.

Our radar guided, directed energy weapons using UV laser are leading edge, military-inspired platforms, expected to be prototyped before the end of 2024. It is ground-based, moveable, portable, able to be deployed in as little as one day. More at >Innovations > CDAVS

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