Innovation in Emergency Logistics

First thoughts in a catastrophe? Mitigation - lessening the force - resolve and repair? Erebus provides first responders, emergency managers and centers, as well as families and individuals with a new toolset to respond to disasters. Erebus enables emergency managers to quickly issue requests for damage reports. Taking the time to collect information on the level of damage over a wide area down to minutes, not hours. Keep those on the ground informed about search and rescue progress. Let victims send geographically tagged alerts requesting help. Rapid START triage methods available to all users, further improving the ability to categorize response plans.

Situational Awareness, Alerts, team real-time location tracking using Military Strategies / Tactics, IPB Add Teams, Counties as an Op demands . . . all of this available using the Erebus app.


This is military style, logistical support, including app and operative control.
But most companies have computer-aided dispatch, tracking their trucks - but that tracking does not translate outside their organization BUT no idea where your item is until it arrives somewhere and gets scanned.

Any field-based company requires parts to be delivered to the field

With Erebus, you track the parts that are being dispatched through multiple vendors and multiple carriers. Materials obtained from many vendors by the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) will be brought in by a few different carriers with all stakeholdeers aware at all times of where everything is located.

The Discrete Systems Problem has been handled - by Erebus

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